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Lotte Hotel Jeju is a luxury hotel of Lotte Hotels & Resorts, opened in 2000 in the heart of Jungmun Resort. The hotel features a total of 500 guest rooms, 9 restaurants, 6 banquet halls, gym, foreigner-exclusive casino, duty-free shop, and diverse conveniences. Hotel buildings are spread across mostly on a slope of land, granting a majority of the rooms a spectacular view of the charming gardens and the open sea. The world-renowned resort hotel The Palace of the Lost City in South Africa is the model of Lotte Hotel Jeju. The hotel design firm WATG was in charge of the exterior and Wilson & Associates the interior. Their collaboration resulted in an elegant and luxurious hotel emanating Korean hospitality. The magnificence of Lotte Hotel Jeju, a reminiscence of old European castles, can be felt from the façade and has drawn many tourists.
Meetings & Banquet

It is equipped with banquet halls indoors and outdoors for holding large-scale international events, seminars, family gatherings, concerts and various performances.

  • A crystal ballroom, the biggest banquet hall of the Jeju Jungmun Resort
  • An outdoor reception place
  • Modern conference rooms with advanced facilities


Lotte Hotel Jeju always offers the comfort and coziness as if you stayed at home. It provides guests with the best rest in its 500 rooms boasting of a beautiful landscape, sophisticated interior and wide space.

  • A fine view of a beautiful outdoor garden and the emerald-colored sea
  • He:on Bedding System adopted for ultimate comfort(co-developed by Simmons)


It is equipped with a terrace dinner commanding a view of lovely sunset over the sea, an amazing volcano fountain show, an exotic pool bar, Korean and Japanese restaurants with selected ingredients of clean Jeju and premium wines.

  • An outdoor buffet for enjoying assorted worldwide cuisine along with a Las Vegas-style volcano fountain show
  • Glamping: Enjoying a luxurious barbecue party in camping facilities such as camping trailers and huts


It is equipped with various styles of space where guests can enjoy the best rest around Jeju`s natural surroundings and children can enjoy fun in special sections.

  • A four-season luxurious outdoor spa & garden he:on in a romantic and fantastic atmosphere
  • Kids World, a kids` multi-experience play space for family tourists

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